Believe it or not, the vision for this business actually started in June 2016, a whole 3 years before I eventually plucked up the courage to launch in August 2019! 


As a new Mum I was struggling to find a breastfeeding friendly outfit for a wedding, which gave me the idea of creating a business selling breastfeeding friendly clothes for women in the same boat as me.  I found lots of specific nursing outfits but they were either frumpy or hybrid maternity/nursing meaning they didn't fit well post partum.  This steered me back to "normal" high street brands but I would often be left frustrated when I'd receive something that looked like it would be ideal to feed in, only to find it wasn't.


I didn’t want to leave out the beautiful babies or mums-to-be though, so I expanded my idea and decided to stock maternity, breastfeeding and baby clothes.


A lack of confidence is what stopped me from launching sooner, but following the birth of my second Son in December 2018, I decided that I just had to go for it because no one ever made a dream come true without taking action to make it happen, and because I was fed up thinking "what if". 

I really hope you like what you see, and I thank you for your support which really does mean a lot to me.  



We're growing - and want to make your life easier

Please bear with me whilst I grow the collections on this website - I have big visions for the future which includes a much wider range of clothing in all categories (including a wider range of styles and sizes), plus clothing for older children, and also accessories.

If there's anything in particular you'd like to see on this website, please let me know.   I really want to cater for YOU and your little ones, so please do leave me your feedback via the 'contact us' page.  The more demand there is for something, the more likely it is to become available, and your feedback would be gratefully received.  

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Location: Grays, Essex, UK

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We are currently an online store only.

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