When to decorate the nursery?

Updated: Apr 26

Decorating your baby’s nursery is something most people really look forward to but, when is the best time to decorate it - before or after baby is born? I mean, they don’t go in the room straight away do they so is there any need for it to be ready so far in advance?

When I was pregnant with my first, I was so excited to decorate the nursery but quickly became disillusioned by all the Pinterest photos of beautiful nurseries that were bigger than our master bedroom! I wondered how on earth I’d make the tiny box room that would become the nursery a beautiful haven for our baby. It created a lot of stress and anxiety as we wanted it to be “perfect” but couldn't bring the online visions to life in our small space. We ended up simply adding some jungle themed wall stickers to the wall from Walltastic and retaining the current neutral paint and curtains. Furniture wise only a cot and chest of drawers fit in.

When the nursery was the storage room

Although the room was finished by the time I was around 5 months pregnant, it barely got used until around a year later as he didn’t move into it until he was just over six months old. I just went in daily for clothes/nappy supplies and then, when he was about 5 months old, I’d sit him in the cot regularly so he could get used to the environment.

When I fell pregnant again, I was dreading the task of decorating the nursery. So, I decided that we’d leave it until after the baby was born. We’d moved by now and decided to move our eldest into the spare room and the baby would go in his, next to us. So, it was actually our eldest’s new room that we were decorating as his existing room was already a neutral animal theme and fine for the baby.

It felt so good to have one less thing to worry about during pregnancy but……boy did I regret it afterwards!!!!

Although I wasn’t doing the decorating myself (that’s hubby’s job), we just had zero time with a newborn, a 2 1/2 year old and minimal sleep. It ended up being a rush to complete our eldest’s room ready for his little brother to move out of our room.

So, having decorated both before and after baby is born, I can confidently recommend that you have everything ready before the baby is born. Yes, they may not be in the room for a while but, once they are here, there will be no time to think about colour schemes and themes, let alone do the physical decorating! Save yourself undue stress and be prepared before baby arrives. I think most people will naturally opt for this option anyway.

When did you decorate your nursery? And did you find it joyous or stressful?

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