Lansinoh Lanolin Nipple Cream 40ml

Lansinoh Lanolin Nipple Cream (40ml)

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Laninoh’s HPA® Lanolin is proven to help soothe and protect sore cracked nipples.  It is composed of an ultra-purified grade of lanolin which has been refined using a unique process, making it safe for both mum and baby, with no need to remove before breastfeeding. 100 per cent natural without any preservatives or additives, it is naturally hypoallergenic. It is also the only lanolin product to have received the British Allergy Foundation Seal of Approval.


This product has won multiple awards, includin "gold" in the Mother and Baby 2019 Awards in the categories of "best pregnancy/maternity product" and "best new mum/maternity skincare product".


And, it's not just a nipple cream - use it on sore/chapped noses and lips during winter! 


Whilst this product is proven to help soothe and protect sore/cracked nipples it is vital to address the cause of the problem by seeking advice from your midwife, health visitor and/or qualified breastfeeding support worker. 


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  • BPA and BPS free
  • #1 bestselling nipple cream in the UK for breastfeeding mothers
  • Soothes and protects sore nipples and cracked skin
  • 100% natural and hypoallergenic
  • Pure medical grade lanolin
  • No additives, preservatives or chemicals
  • No need to remove before breastfeeding
  • Paraben free
  • No taste, colour or smell - the most acceptable nipple cream for your breastfed baby
  • Safe for mum and baby